Achieving Excellence

At Twin Oaks we don’t just clean your clothes; we truly care about how your clothes look.  One of the many steps we take is to ensure that your clothes are being cleaned in the highest quality solvent possible.  But, what does this mean?

In short, dry cleaning is much like the wash you do at home.  Only, instead of water and detergent, we use a petroleum based solvent to clean your clothes in.  A majority of stains and odors cannot be removed with a simple water/detergent cleaning.  Also, many fabrics and finishes can be altered or damaged in your home wash.  Dry cleaning solves many of these problems.

In order for optimal dry cleaning to be achieved several things need to be in perfect harmony.  The temperature must be just right, low moisture levels need to be maintained, the weight of the load can’t be too high, any additives (detergents) need to be the perfect amount and the solvent needs to be pristine.  Ignoring any of these may save time and money, but it will, undoubtedly, lead to poorly dry cleaned garments.

One of the most important efforts Twin Oaks undertakes to ensure that all of these steps are met is that we test our solvent.  Randomly throughout the year, the Dry Cleaning & Laundry Institute ( performs a battery of tests checking the quality of our solvent.  Twin Oaks is proud to continuously achieve the highest marks.

Many people have no idea what happens to their clothes after they drop them off.  It is important that you understand how the dry cleaning and laundry process works.  Throughout the year we will be posting blogs and videos covering different topics.  Please subscribe to our blog and/or our YouTube Channel .  Thank you!

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