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Please let us take this opportunity to personally welcome you to Twin Oaks Cleaners & Laundry. As a Twin Oaks customer, you're part of a tradition which goes back in Houston to 1954.

It is our promise to you that we will do everything we can to deliver superior cleaning, value and uncommonly friendly service with each and every visit.

While we endeavor to employ the gentlest dry cleaning and laundry technologies, environmentally safe processes and professional service staff, we hope you will always feel free to share your comments and suggestions for making Twin Oaks Cleaners ever better.

Thank you for trusting Twin Oaks Cleaners and Laundry.

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Twin Oaks is a great cleaning and laundry establishment. My wife and I have used them for several years. What they do that no one else does is take great care with expensive garments to clean them very carefully and well. For example, they remove the buttons from my wife's clothing before cleaning, and then sew the buttons back on before packaging. Since the buttons alone may cost $200 to replace on one garment, spending $30 to clean it carefully so they are not lost is worth it. Perhaps Twin Oaks is not the place for price-conscious people to take their lower-priced cotton clothing, but for "investment clothing" it is the ONLY place to go.
I had a short white trench coat from Banana Republic (so not couture) I thought it was beyond repair but one visit to Twin Oaks and I had a new jacket. They restored its color, fixed its tattered belt loops and replaced a few buttons. I just wanted it cleaned but they went above and beyond to give me back my jacket. Thank you Twin Oaks, I receive compliments every time I wear the jacket! If you want your close to have some serious TLC take them here. If you want cheap, take your chances as Pilgrims.
I am always so happy to pick up my clothes from Twin Oaks because the staff is so nice and personable AND my shirts, tops, jeans, skirts are better than ever when I put them back in my closet. They always replace missing or loose buttons too!! Love them!
It was a unique experience for me because I was desperate to get a spot out of my favorite garment. The counter lady a blonde was the most helpful she even called me when it was ready. I live very far but it was worth the drive. I just wish I could be closer to come each week. I felt they really care and even though they are not cheap, it was well worth it.
After having clothes destroyed by other merchants in town, I stick solely to Twin Oaks. They're not cheap, but they're miracle workers in getting out hard to remove stains and my clothes always come out looking great. It's also small enough so that you feel as if the staff gets to know you and actually cares that you're there. I highly recommend checking them out. You will not be disappointed.
I took a terribly stained Gucci skirt with feathers all over Los Angeles, and no dry cleaner (even the Gucci recommended one) would touch it. A year later I moved here and Twin Oaks had it clean and gorgeous in no time. I would not trust my best clothes with ANYONE else in town. They are very pricey, but it's worth it if you have valuable clothes, as they WILL take care of them. Even the front staff is very knowledgeable about the drycleaning process. I don't take my basic dry clean clothes (i.e. my Banana Republic stuff, etc.) but for Gucci, Pucci, and all your nice nice stuff you really must come here for peace of mind. It's worth it.
Their level of service, quality and performance is second to none. Our clothes arrive perfect every time. And on the rare occasion that I need something tweaked, it is handled with a smile and with perfect results. Highly, highly recommended.
Twin Oaks always strives to be the best in the field and succeeds. My clothes are always on time and I have never had any issues with lost or missing clothes. That’s why I recommend Twin Oaks.
Customer service is outstanding. I would do delivery, but I simply enjoy walking into your store and being greeted so warmly. I have never had a single issue with quality and you have done nearly 500 shirts for me over the last four years. Think about that, 500 for 500! Those are hall of fame numbers. Three words convey my thoughts on Twin Oaks – "Simply the Best!"
Twin Oaks Cleaners is simply the best in Houston. My laundry and dry cleaning always comes back flawless and smelling fresh. If there is ever a discrepancy they fix the problem immediately. They greet me by name and are always friendly. For the level of clientele that I take care of, I only go to Twin Oaks.
I feel that with your consistent excellent quality my customer base is an extremely pleased group. I also appreciate the constant pleasant people I encounter under your roof!
You are all awesome!
Twin Oaks is THE CLEANERS of Houston. It is a top-notch company in quality and customer service! Why would anyone go anywhere else?!
Great place to get my clothes clean. The people are nice and there very fast on get my clothes back. Check them out!
This place saved my designer Jean Paul Gaultier gown!! I was wearing a mostly black silk JPG gown at a party after a wedding where I was physically dragged into the hot tub. Once the damage was done I naturally hung out in the chlorine in my dress for quite some time. The next day the gown had dried with the roughest texture, there was a small rip and the mini pleats had completely disappeared! I gave it to Twin Oaks thinking it was a long shot but the dress arrived today (yes they do delivery and pick up).... And it was a miracle! The silk texture of the very fine fabric had been restored as well as the pleats and the repair on the rip is top quality! I certainly was not robbed because I was ready to pay top dollar for a miracle and this one only cost me $17.40! Amazing!! I am picky and was astonished at the results! Thank you so much Twin Oaks!
After trying other dry cleaners in the area I decided to give Twin Oaks a try and have been very pleased. The ladies working there are very friendly always have my stuff ready and have NEVER LOST any of my items. Sometimes depending on when you go parking can be a little crazy but dropping or picking up is easy and never takes long. I showed up a little after they had closed not realizing the time and the lady there was so nice as to still ring me up and give me the pants that I needed. Great service.
I really appreciate the care with which they handle our garments. Their customer service is superb; the staff is friendly and helpful. Thank you!
Excellent customer service and my clothes have always come back pristine. I highly recommend this cleaner.
Best cleaners I've ever seen. Employees are the best, always friendly and helpful.
Twin Oaks Cleaners is the BEST dry cleaner I have ever seen. The San Felipe location has gotten red wine stains out of multiple white sweaters I own.